A Minute to Midnight

By David Baldacci

A Minute to Midnight

By David Baldacci

Review by Melissa Dalton Martinez:

A Minute to Midnight is the second book in the Atlee Pine thriller series by David Baldacci. In the first book of the series, Long Road to Mercy, Baldacci introduces Pine as a strong FBI agent with a haunted past, which includes the kidnapping of her twin sister Mercy. Pine thinks the infamous serial killer Daniel Tor was the one responsible, but she’s not totally sure because she was only 6 at the time and only recently has had memories of that night coming back to her. Now in A Minute to Midnight, Pine and her trusted assistant Carol Blum, return to the place of the horrible event to try and find the answers to who did the kidnapping, what happened to Mercy, and where is she or her remains now. Upon their return more mysteries come up, as well as additional horrible events.”

“If you never read Long Road to Mercy, or it’s been a while since you read it, Baldacci does a good job reminding the reader of the important people and events in the beginning of A Minute to Midnight. I had just finished reading the first book in the series when I picked up this new book, so it was a little too much repetition for me and I was anxious for the new story to get started. However, once the new story got started I was hooked all the way to the end.”

“As I told Baldacci in my interview with him, (which you can watch on our YouTube channel at David Baldacci | The Book Break | Season 2 Episode 14 ) I like how he made Atlee Pine a strong female lead, but also one that shows realistic vulnerability. The mysteries Baldacci wrote into the book lead you in multiple directions. The reader may think they have the mystery figured out, only to later be given more clues that may make you second guess yourself.”

“I like how Baldacci had multiple mysteries going on at the same time throughout the story. The multiple mysteries kept my interest well. Often times in mystery novels I find myself bored and wanting to skip forward when authors give too much unnecessary information, but that was not that case with this book. Once I got passed the first chapter, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I did find myself wanting to skip forward, but that was only because I wanted to see if I was right in guessing the mystery. I was glad I was a fast reader and didn’t skip to the end because I was impressed with the journey Baldacci takes the readers on, and I was surprised by the end result of the mysteries. I recommend this book to those who like fast-pace mystery novels, and I recommend you set aside a good amount of time to read or listen to the audio because you will not want to stop until the story is over.”


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Review by Jen Hunsaker:

“I hate coming into a character series and feeling like I’m behind. That is not the case with A Minute to Midnight. In fact, if I’m being honest, I didn’t know this was the second book in a series until after I read it.

In true David Baldacci fashion, the story starts with a bang and doesn’t let go until the final moments. The perfect mix of character driven thriller and action, I must admit that I identified with Atlee Pine a little too much. We’re both nearly 6′ tall, we both wear a size 11 shoe, and we both kick some serious butt. Okay, so she literally kicks serious butt.

Still, it’s nice to have an action thriller about a strong female character that doesn’t paint her as the damsel in distress. In fact, I would say she’s the female Jack Reacher. And even if you haven’t read the first Atlee Pine book and even if that Jack Reacher reference just went over your head, do yourself a favor and give it a read. At the very least it will make you run faster on the treadmill if you listen to it on Audible.

Review by Shannon Wilcox:

“To ensure her future in the FBI, Agent Pine agrees to step back in time to 1989 in order to uncover the truth behind her twin sister’s abduction at the age of six. Once back in Andersonville, Georgia, the town her family lived in during 1989, she is confronted with more questions than answers. While facing new truths about her family, childhood, and the night her sister was taken, Agent Pine is also greeted by someone who was part of her past within the FBI. Pine discovers that the family she thought she knew was hiding a world of secrets. Are the residents of Andersonville also hiding secrets from her? And is it because of her return that these residents of are faced with murder in their small town once again?

A Minute to Midnight is the second thriller in the Atlee Pine series by David Baldacci. While reading this page turner, I found myself thinking I had picked up on hidden clues only to be surprised again and again. Each time mysteries seemed to be solved or questions answered, another twist would reveal itself. Baldacci is excellent at navigating his reader through this world of deceit and building believable characters and motives. As Baldacci quickly lead me down a twisted path of discovery with Agent Pine, I did long for a little more suspense. The rapid fire manner of new information did not allow for a good, suspenseful buildup. With that said, I also could not stop reading! Feeling an attachment to Agent Pine, I look forward to following her story in the future and I hope to be half the badass she is.”