Between Monsters & Mercy

By Kelly Thompson

Between Monsters & Mercy

By Kelly Thompson

Book Description

In a world where addiction has become the epidemic of despair, Between Monsters and Mercy is an incredible story of hope. It follows the difficult journey of my life as a heroin and meth-addicted prostitute and my path to God and recovery. Between Monsters and Mercy gives a unique insight on the inner-workings of the confusing, and often misunderstood, disease of addiction. It illuminates the power of surrender, the reality of divine intervention, and the possibility for real change. When it appears all is lost, the miraculous power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ can heal in the most unlikely of places.


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Review by THE BOOK BREAK host, Melissa Dalton Martinez:

“Having known multiple people that struggled with addiction I was really looking forward to reading “Between Monsters & Mercy.” I read the first few chapters and my heart really went out to Kelly. Later, I continued reading the book in an airport and before I knew it I was crying in public, something I really don’t like to do, but her story was very emotional.”

“The first half of the book showed us her journey from a happy go lucky child to a disturbed and heart-broken teenager and soon young adult. As the reader we could not only see the pain Kelly was going through, but also the pain her close family members suffered as she continued down the road of addiction. I found myself feeling the emotions of those in the story. Especially when she told the story of when she had her first child and prepared to give the baby up for adoption. It gave me a new insight to what birth mothers go through when they make the selfless decision to give up their baby.”

“The second half of the book Kelly gets into her miraculous story of her journey to sobriety. She talks about her spiritual experiences and how through God she was able to make it back to happiness and being clean and sober. While Kelly shares specifics from her faith and how she was helped by those teachings, I believe anyone that believes in a higher power can gain something from this book.”

“Kelly learned how to love herself, her family, and her God, and through all of that she found sobriety. While this book has some difficult and emotional things to read, it also shares inspiration and hope that someone can get better and heal from addiction. To me the message of this book is that with time, patience, hard work, and faith, there is always hope.”

Review by Megan Isham, Manager of Seagull Bookstore in St. George:

“I just finished Monsters and Mercy and couldn’t put it down. I think everyone should read this book. It doesn’t matter if you are not struggling with addiction. It shows that it is never too late to come back. She is very raw and honest and lets you know how bad the enemy can tear you down. How he gets into your thoughts and makes you believe that you worthless and that God doesn’t love you.”

“This book helped me understand addiction and how it affects you. How it literally takes over and consumes your every thought. My sister is an addict and it helped understand more what she is really going through. It also gave me hope that she can come back and get out of this hell she is in. This book definitely gives you hope that God is with you always, and that prayers will be answered. I admire Kelly Thompson for sharing her bravery and her story with all of us.”

Review by Karen Pellet, author of the “Spectrum Mom” series:

“Between Monsters & Mercy” is the bold and courageous story of Kelly Thompson’s struggles with addiction and mental illness. It is a heartfelt, non-fiction memoirs portraying how difficult choices may lead to wrenching consequences. With each story, Kelly unveils the layers of struggles with her family, her battle to understand her demons, and her path to mercy.”

“The narrative shifted in and out of sequence periodically, which caused the overall flow to feel jolting. At one point, Kelly and her friends ran away from home by stealing a car and driving to Southern Utah from California when only twelve or thirteen. But it wasn’t until several chapters later before I learned how that particular saga ended.”

“Because of reading Kelly’s story, I was able to face my struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), my father’s death, and the loss of a friend’s brother to addiction. Thank you, Kelly, for your strength and willingness to discuss these difficult topics.”