One More Chance

By Robert Meeks and Allan Webb

One More Chance

By Robert Meeks and Allan Webb

Book Description:

“When Robert Meek set off for the verdant onion fields in Northern Mexico, he had no idea that this trip would be any different than over one hundred other trips he had made to Latin America. But within 48 hours of his arrival, he would be kidnapped and held for ransom by a ruthless Mexican drug cartel.

What ensued was a horrific descent into a real-life nightmare of emotional terrorism at the hands of the most evil men Robert had ever encountered. Their constant threats and taunts chipped away at his hope to the point of utter despair. But just as he was about to abandon himself to certain destruction, a series of miracles began to unfold, leading to a conclusion he never could have imagined.

This is his story. Yes, it is a story of terror and despair, but it is also a story of faith and hope and love. It is impossible to go through something like this without experiencing all the good and all the evil that exists in the world. One more chance was what Robert Meek prayed for during his captivity. What he didn’t realize was how many others would be similarly impacted by the answer to that prayer.


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Review by Shannon Wilcox:

‘All I know for sure, after passing through that trying time in my life, is that evil is real – as real and as tangible as anything there is. And that goodness and love are real – as real and as tangible as anything there is.’ One More Chance: A True Story of Survival and Faith, by Robert Meek and Allan Webb, is a captivating account of a business trip gone wrong. This quick, easy read pulls you into the emotional rollercoaster that the victim, his family, and his friends went through during his kidnap for ransom by the Mexican drug cartel. If I am not reading, I am watching true crime documentaries, especially the ones where you get to hear directly from the parties involved, which is exactly how this book is formatted. I love that we are given the full picture of what all parties were doing, feeling, saying, and thinking. This is not a book where events are just laid out for you, Robert completely takes you into his world during this time. It is fascinating to feel what he was feeling and see how fear and intense anxiety can cause someone to do things that they otherwise would think through differently. Robert says himself that ‘if I could have removed all the anxiety, all the insecurity, all the stress, and been able to make a completely dispassionate, reasoned judgment, I might well have done many things differently.’ He does not gloss over or try to hide decisions he made during this ordeal, he lays them out for us with raw, unfiltered emotion and honesty.
Robert’s faith is a big part of this story, because it is a big part of his life. God’s hand during this time is seen in many different ways. From discussions with his captor, Sergio, to the battle of keeping his emotions under control, and even in what leads to his rescue. With a steadfast faith, Robert is able to find strength, acceptance of his fate, and even forgiveness for his captors. This book is a testament to one of the first statements made by Robert in this book; ‘I truly hope to reach people on a much deeper, more fundamental level. If you come to the end of this book and look deep into your own soul, then I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.’

Review by Karen Pellet, author of the "Spectrum Mom" series

Holy crap. That was my first thought as I dove into the story of Robert Meek’s kidnapping in Chihuahua, Mexico. As soon as I began to read, I couldn’t put the story down. I listened to the audio as I analyzed excel spreadsheets. I devoured it on my Kindle as I waited in line at carpool to pick my children up from school.

The imagery and emotion were evocative, nearly triggering my own PTSD, but I could not stop listening. I was on a rollercoaster, wondering how Robert would escape or if he’d be shot by the cartel that had left him internally battered after 40 hours of emotional and psychological abuse. And that ride was amplified by the supporting details presented by his wife, co-workers, and friends, which provided a three-dimensional image that left me unable to put the book down.

This story is an examination of one man’s faith and courage in the face of extreme odds. Upon completion of it, I have come away more thoughtful and introspective for having followed along