The Lady and the Knight

By Darryl Harris

The Lady and the Knight

By Darryl Harris

Book Description

Widowed Lady Elinor Marbury never wanted to be a spy, especially if she’s spying on a man…

…but when famous Catholic Bishop Tunstall and her unofficial fiancé Knight Oswyn Pygott, tell her she’d be on a mission for the Church of Rome and King Henry VIII, she can’t find a way to say no.

As Elinor spends more time with the knight she is to spy on, merchant Garrett Bloxham—a former Catholic priest who is now suspected of illegally importing English Bibles—she gradually realizes some of the reformist ideas he talks about aren’t as crazy as she had originally thought. And Garrett is a much kinder and more religious man than she thought too.

Should Elinor listen to the stirrings of her heart? Even if it means she goes back on a promise? Could she live with herself if she doesn’t?

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Review by Elaine Smith

Reading The Lady and The Knight gave me a front-row seat to the days of King Henry VIII and Martin Luther when the Protestant Reformation was rocking the world. And a topsy-turvy romance to boot!

The year is 1534. Lady Elinor is keeping a huge secret. She’s been asked by the King’s men to spy on a handsome merchant and Knight, Garrett Bloxham, who is suspected of smuggling English Bibles into England. This has the potential to create a terrible rift between her and the man she is engaged to marry because she finds Garrett not only attractive but compelling with his reformist ideas. A tug-of-war ensures. I couldn’t tell if Elinor was going to stay true to her intended and the Church of Rome or open her mind to Garrett and the Reformists.

I truly loved this story. Author Darryl Harris has created raw, emotional and extremely thought-provoking situations surrounded by those tumultuous historical times.

Review by Hannah Wiley:

“The Lady of the Knight,” by Darry Harris was a great surprise! At first, I was thinking it would be a typical love story, but it turned into so much more. With wanting to please the church and make it to Rome for her daughter, Lady Elinor Marbury agrees to spy on Garrett Bloxham, who is under suspicion of smuggling.

The attention to detail with the history of the time was great, I felt like I was there and could envision all of these things happening around me. As I read through the book I could see that Lady Marbury had been fairly sheltered regarding religion, and while acting as a spy has in a sense opened her eyes to different views. You may be surprised at some of her choices, but it all makes for a better story.

This book keeps you hooked until the very end and is one I plan on reading again soon.