Bean Finds a pet

By Alison Palmer

Bean Finds a pet

By Alison Palmer

Book Description

What Bean really wants is to be a wizard. But Bean is a brownie, and brownies don’t have pets. Pets are just too messy, crazy, and bad at following the rules, kind of like Bean. He’s determined to find the perfect pet to help him do big magic. The trouble is, finding just the right pet isn’t as easy as he thinks!
The perfect book for early readers, Bean Finds a Pet is a story of being yourself even when you don’t fit in. Fans of The Magic Tree House, How to Train Your Dragon, and The Worst Witch will love the magical mishaps, fantastical pets, and silly adventures.


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Review By Melissa Dalton Martinez, Executive Producer of The Book Break

Bean Finds a Pet is a delightful story. Alison Palmer paints a wonderful world of humor mixed with adventure as Bean, a brownie who dreams of being a wizard, goes on a series of adventures with one simple goal. He wants to find a pet. As he’s seen, all wizards have pets to help with their magic. Bean, who isn’t very good at even brownie magic, just knows that if he finds a pet, he will be able to do magic. There is only one problem. Bean is only “six ears tall.” That leads him to have all sorts of trouble, to the benefit of the reader.

I read this to my kids and they loved it. Bean has a childlike attitude that allowed my kids to really relate to him as a character. They loved his adventures and how each attempt to find a pet ended with hilarious consequences. They were laughing the whole way through. Alison Palmer does an amazing job of creating a world that kids can really enjoy. As an added bonus, we loved the coloring pictures and being asked to draw our own magical pets. All in all, this is a thoroughly enjoyable book.

Review by McKellen Yates, Daycare Provider

I think this is a really cute and fun story. Bean Finds a Pet really encourages kids to use their imagination. With the coloring pages in the back, it does a good job of allowing them to interact with the story. Bean is a brownie, so he’s tiny. That really gets in his way when he decides to find a pet. It is a really funny story. Bean wants to be a wizard, but apparently wizards make messes and brownies clean them, so his friends and family don’t understand, but that doesn’t stop bean! With each chapter (the book calls them episodes), Bean goes after a new kind of pet, with most of them starting off with him realizing what a terrible idea his last pet was and why this new one is obviously the perfect one. Poor Bean just can’t catch a break, but that doesn’t stop him from trying, which I think is a great lesson.

I really like how Alison Palmer did this story. I think it was a great idea to have coloring pages and a drawing page in the back. I’m sure kids everywhere will love this story. It’s absolutely hilarious.