Nova Dragon

By Gama Ray Martinez

Nova Dragon

By Gama Ray Martinez

Book Description

Radek feels like an outcast when he moves to an elven space station and is the only human child…

…until he forms an unlikely friendship with Ovian, the child of an elven noble.

When a mysterious event shocks everyone, the two boys seek their own answers, but instead find themselves in the middle of a goblin plot.

Now with the knowledge of the goblins’ plan to use the legendary Nova Dragon, the pair must find their courage to help stop them. Can they get there in time to stop the biggest threat the galaxy has ever seen?


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Review by Karen Pellet, Author of "The Spectrum Mom" Series:

Dragons, elves, goblins, and humans….in space. What can be better than that? Nova Dragon is a middle-grade novel by Gama Ray Martinez. And if anyone could mix science fiction and fantasy, it is Gama.
Using science combined with magic, creatures of epic fantasy left earth long ago to explore space. Even humans have developed magical abilities to help with intergalactic travel. Radek, the son of the human ambassador to an Elven space station, feels totally out of his element, and Ovian is the mischievous son of an Elven noble. Together they must stop a war between the races and not get grounded in the process.

Nova Dragon is a remarkable combination of worldbuilding, storytelling, and insane creativity. Gama Ray Martinez is the literary equivalent of a mad scientist. Nova Dragon was the first time in a long time that a middle-grade novel made me cry. Better yet, I enjoyed every minute of this epic ride.

Review by Kristin J. Riggs

Nova Dragon is a middle grade book written by Gama Ray Martinez. It is about two boys, an elf and a human, that find themselves embroiled in interspecies conflict. This delightful book leads the reader on an exciting adventure through space, into trees and stars to find a way to stop the goblin invasion.

The relationship between the two boys, Radek and Ovian, is one of the best parts of the book. In the beginning they are strangers and quickly grow to become friends through the challenges they face. They push each other deeper into the conflict by making impulsive decisions that appear to make sense only to land themselves in more trouble. I enjoyed watching their relationship grow as they learned to trust each other.

Nova Dragon is a fast paced book with short chapters making it easily accessible for a young reader. Martinez is able to transition quickly from one exciting event to the next holding onto a reader that may have a shorter attention span making it an excellent middle grade book. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fun adventure stories.