Hard Easy: A Get-Real Guide for Getting the Life You Want

By Arthur F. Coombs III

Hard Easy: A Get-Real Guide for Getting the Life You Want

By Arthur F. Coombs III

Book Description:

What if I told you there are two ways to live: easy-hard or hard-easy?

Would you rather live an easy life now—eat whatever you want, buy whatever you’d like, avoid tough conversations needed for true human connection—and deal with the consequences later?

Or would your life be better in the future—meaning, would you rather have better health, financial security, better relationships, and peace and fulfillment—if you tackled the hard stuff now?

It’s your choice. You can live easy-hard or hard-easy—a law that inevitably plays itself out, its impact real and life changing.

Coombs helps you thoroughly understand this law and provides you with every tool you need to set yourself up for success—however you define it.

Are you ready to fulfill your biggest dreams? If the answer is yes, read this book as your first Hard-Easy challenge. Put away your excuses and bring it hard!


“If your life feels stagnant or you’re not quite sure what steps to take to push yourself towards a happier, more successful future, HARD EASY is a must read. Coombs’ core message (setting aside instant gratification and embracing the benefit of doing what’s hard to help make your life easier down the line) could very well revolutionize every aspect of the way you live your life.” —IndieReader Review

“…for anyone seeking a clear-cut, entertaining, and relatable approach to self-improvement, Hard Easy will not disappoint.” Self-Publishing Review

A self-improvement theory that eschews instant gratification in favor of long-term comfort and accomplishment … Quick, clear anecdotes offer bold encouragement to take the “hard-easy” road to success in life. —Kirkus Review

Your life will not get better until you do. Your health, relationships, finances, and opportunities are the result of the choices you’ve made to live life hard-easy or easy-hard. Art’s authentic, vulnerable storytelling will both enable and inspire you to be more intentional and to make the hard-easy choice.

—Kirk A. Weisler, Author and Chief Morale Officer, Culture Guy Institute 

Art Coombs once again illuminates important and motivating concepts in Hard Easy. Now it’s our job to decide, do we accept the less-painful route Coombs give us?

Paul H. Jenkins, PhD, Psychologist and Author of Pathological Positivity

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Melissa Dalton Martinez, Executive Producer & Host of The Book Break

When I first saw the title to Art Coombs’ new book, it made no sense to me. Hard and easy are opposite concepts. Contradictory terms. But I’ve read other things he’s written, and I know Art to be an inspiring, insightful writer who motivates in a captivating way. So I decided to give it a try. After all, what did I have to lose?

 Little did I know as I made that decision that I had everything to gain.

 This book is a life-changer! Not only does the title make a lot of sense, but the gripping ideas Art shares turned everything I believed upside down in the best possible way.

 For the first time, I understand why going for instant gratification—doing it easy right now—makes it hard later. Buying whatever I want, eating whatever I want, living from one minute to the next, and avoiding the tough stuff now might seem the best way to go. Not so! With his authentic, vulnerable approach, Art teaches that tackling the hard things now—making sacrifices, living within a budget, paying attention to health concerns—leads to an easier, better life down the road.

 My “easy” future—financial security, solid relationships, better health—is directly tied to my willingness to do what seems “hard” right now.

 In his characteristically compelling style, Art uses unforgettable real-life stories to illustrate the principles he teaches in a relevant, applicable way. I came away from this important book confident that I have the tools I need to create long-term success and the life I have always wanted. Best of all, Art shows that what I create is completely up to me—that these principles give me the power to design my future.

 Hard-Easy is a must-read for any who want a better life!

Gregory Little

If you’re in the market for a straightforward, broadly applicable guide to getting back on track in your life, Hard Easy: A Get-Real Guide to Getting the Life You Want, by Arthur F. Coombs III is a solid choice. The book’s central tenet, that working hard up-front makes things comparatively easier, isn’t a revolutionary concept. But the author does an admirable job of laying out and reinforcing the premise in a series of brisk chapters, each covering a different aspect of how to apply this rule. The chapters come complete with relatable anecdotes, review guides, and mental exercises. The best argument in favor of the book is how broadly applicable its advice is. Be it in school, work, or relationships, Coombs lays his life philosophy framework across the challenge in question and shows the reader how to approach it. Not every chapter landed for this reader, but despite this, the book is a good read for anyone who feels that they are ready to embrace a new and more focused way of looking at life.

Kristin Jackson

Arthur F. Coombs III, in his new book Hard Easy: A Get-Real Guide For Getting The Life You Want, writes about the two ways of living life. He takes examples from his own life to show the reader how living a Hard Easy life works. At the end of each chapter he provides a helpful recap and several thinking points so the reader can learn to apply the principles to their own life.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking to live a better life. While reading this book I found myself putting it down mid-chapter to practically apply Hard Easy to my own life. 

Karen Pallet

This book hit home at the right time for me. Mr. Coombs explains clear and concise the long-term consequences of following the easy path versus the more difficult one. The examples from his own life helped me to connect to the reality of the natural law of Hard: Easy and Easy Hard. Within minutes I’d identified several applications of this law in my own life. I am taking his advice though to weigh my micro-choices before plunging headlong onto a different path.  Overall this was a great read for self-actualization, though I’d prefer a little less swearing (but that’s a personal preference)