KWL – 208 – Book Reviews and Author Branding with Melissa Dalton Martinez

By kobowritinglife, August 11, 2020

Melissa Dalton Martinez, a veteran marketing and PR manager and the host of The Book Break, joins us on the podcast to discuss the ins and outs of book reviews and author branding. Melissa explains the process behind paid book reviews, when and how authors should use these reviews, and how to create a cohesive author brand.
  • Melissa tells us about her diverse career in the publishing industry, which has included working with both indie authors and large publishing houses, working as a book reviewer for major networks as well as on her own show, The Book Break, and working with authors as a media consultant
  • She explains how paid book review companies work, how much authors can expect to pay for this service, and the best ways to pitch your books to reviewers in order to get them seen
  • Melissa discusses the importance of finding the right beta readers (hint: it’s probably not your mom), how to utilize this feedback to improve your writing, and the different approaches readers and professional reviewers will take when reading and reviewing your book
  • Melissa talks about different types of media coverage and how to leverage this coverage as an author, and she explains the best ways to pitch yourself, your work, and the segment you hope to appear on to producers
  • Melissa explains how important consistency is to building a cohesive author brand and how this brand can apply to different aspects of your career, including your social media presence, your writing style, and even your appearances at writing conventions
  • Melissa talks about how Covid-19 has impacted her business and how it has changed her approach to marketing, and she gives us her predictions on where the future of publishing is headed