Widowed and Moving Forward

By Justin T. Eller & Jennifer M. Eller

Widowed and Moving Forward

By Justin T. Eller & Jennifer M. Eller

Book Description

When you lose your spouse, the loss is overwhelming…

…but you must go on. And you must help your children.

How do you begin?

Authors Justin and Jennifer Eller tell the story of how they both tragically lost spouses and were thrust into trials only the widowed face.

When they decided it was time to start dating and eventually remarry, another set of unique challenges came with blending their two families.

From a Latter-Day Saint perspective, the authors share stories and lessons learned for working through loss, new love, and blending families.

With insights from scriptures and modern-day leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this book will help you learn how to:

✓ Manage the lasting effects of grief and trauma on your family
✓ Know when you’re ready to date and how to respond to others’ reactions
✓ Pick the right time and manner to introduce one another’s children
✓ Make the important decision to commit—to your spouse, the children, and all that entails
✓ Be an effective and compassionate parent and stepparent
✓ Prioritize your new relationship while managing the ups and downs of a blended family
✓ Grow together as a new family and not leave anyone behind

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll feel confident and ready to take new steps into life, love, and a wonderful family.

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Review by THE BOOK BREAK host, Melissa Dalton Martinez:

“One of the most profound losses in life is the death of a spouse. Those who face that difficult situation find themselves navigating a strange landscape that begins with bereavement and moves through the challenges of dating and remarriage. Too seldom do they know where to turn for guidance from an LDS perspective on a journey that can seem confusing and lonely.

Widowed and Moving Forward is a much-needed book for those who want to find their way along a path that often involves uncertainty and shattered hope. Justin and Jennifer Ellers’ first-hand experience—both were widowed before marrying each other—enables them to share useful stories of real people with real families in a unique blend of common sense, compassion, and humor.

Well written and highly relatable, this honest look at sensitive topics covers the sorrow and joy—as well as everything in between involved in widowhood and remarriage—in a way that helps you know you are not alone. Between its covers, you’ll find the inspiration and hope to move forward on a very personal journey after the loss of your spouse.”