The Very Real World of Emily Adams

by Samantha J. Rose

The Very Real World of Emily Adams

by Samantha J. Rose

Book Description

Emily Adams has reached a breaking point. Her boyfriend pushed her down the stairs, breaking her arm, and now she’s found herself in an unfamiliar city with fifteen cents in her pocket and nowhere to go. She’s decided that all that’s left for her, is to take matters into her own hands and put an end to her misery…

Until an encounter with a magic man in a dress changes everything.

In a story full of humor and heart, The Very Real World of Emily Adams shows that there is hope in darkness, triumph in tragedy, and the moment when things are at their worst is when you hold on the hardest, because you never know what good things are waiting for you on the other side of despair.

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Review by Melissa Dalton Martinez

The Very Real World of Emily Adams is an intriguing, unique science fiction book with romance and important lessons thrown in. Emily Adam is a young woman in her early twenties who’s seen a lot of difficulties in her life, including suffering from anxiety and depression. After her boyfriend breaks her arm, she leaves him but feels like she isn’t worth anything. This brings her to thoughts of suicide, and the reader gets many insight into the mind of someone suffering. Thankfully, Emily is saved by a loveable character, Lipstick Rick.

As the story progresses, Emily learns her own self-worth, and that one must never judge a person by looks alone. I love this positive message in the book, but I felt like too much time was spent inside the head of Emily as she worked through all of her challenges. I appreciated the insights, but at times these internal conversations got to be a bit much and I found myself wanting to skip ahead to the action. Because of the long internal commentary, the beginning of the book was a slow start, but once you got further into it, I found the story to be exciting and fast-paced.

The author did a wonderful job building the science fiction world, making you love the “good guys” and hate the villains. I also thoroughly enjoyed the surprises from characters as their life and purpose became fully exposed. By the last third of the book, I had to stay up late into the night to finish it because I could not stop until I knew what would happen. And while the action was thrilling, Emily Adams still carried a message of hope for anyone that’s ever doubted themselves and their worth.

There were some editing issues in the book that were at times distracting, but overall, The Very Real World of Emily Adam was a fascinating and fun read, with characters that will stick with you long after the final page is read.