Yuletide lords

By Gama Ray Martinez

Yuletide lords

By Gama Ray Martinez

Book Description:

As he prepares for his annual journey around the world, Santa Claus receives a disturbing message. His old enemy, Krampus, is loose on the world. There is no one else who can handle this foe, and he must depart the North Pole in an effort to defeat the demon of Christmas. He only hopes that it will be in time.


You know, I don’t think I’ve ever read an action fantasy Christmas story before, and I’m not sure I’ll see another one again. But I feel kind of sad about that, after reading this exciting, intriguing story. There were enough interesting details, likeable, characters, and fascinating conflict that I would happily read a full-length novel expounding on the story of Santa and Krampus if Gama were to write one. Read this story if you are looking for a fresh and engaging Christmas tale to liven up the holiday season.—Tanya H.

A great story, especially for this time of year. Fun and action packed. I’ve read several books from this author and have loved them allunkown

about the author

Gama Ray Martinez

Gama Ray Martinez lives near Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and three children. He moved there solely because he likes mountains.

Gama collects weapons in case he ever needs to supply a medieval battalion, and he greatly resents when work or other real-life things get in the way of writing.

He secretly hopes to one day slay a dragon in single combat and doesn’t believe in letting pesky things like reality get in the way of his dreams.