Love Me Too: Finding a Happy and Fulfilling Life After Sexual Abuse

by Leta Greene

Book Description

Recently the #MeToo movement has spurred a great cultural shift in the conversation about sexual abuse; however, Leta Greene believes there is still a missing piece in this topic, one that shows how to move from only surviving to thriving. Once a scared little girl, victimized by years of abuse, secrets, and lies that took a toll on her mentally, physically, and spiritually, Leta found a way to leave the darkness and has created a life of freedom, light and happiness. She breaks her healing into three phases: 1) The Victim, 2) The Survivor, and 3) The Advocate. It is only in this final phase that survivors of abuse, and society as a whole, can move from the pulsating anger into protectors and defenders of those in need. Leta found the path of healing, and after years of self-work, she shares her tools to happiness for the victim, for those impacted, and for society.