Love Me Too: Finding a Happy and Fulfilling Life After Sexual Abuse

by Leta Greene

Book Description

Recently the #MeToo movement has spurred a great cultural shift in the conversation about sexual abuse; however, Leta Greene believes there is still a missing piece in this topic, one that shows how to move from only surviving to thriving. Once a scared little girl, victimized by years of abuse, secrets, and lies that took a toll on her mentally, physically, and spiritually, Leta found a way to leave the darkness and has created a life of freedom, light and happiness. She breaks her healing into three phases: 1) The Victim, 2) The Survivor, and 3) The Advocate. It is only in this final phase that survivors of abuse, and society as a whole, can move from the pulsating anger into protectors and defenders of those in need. Leta found the path of healing, and after years of self-work, she shares her tools to happiness for the victim, for those impacted, and for society.


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Review by Melissa Dalton Martinez

Love Me Too: Finding a Happy and Fulfilling Life After Sexual Abuse, by Leta Greene is the inspirational, true story of a woman who discovered the road to healing after suffering years of sexual abuse. Both vulnerable and resilient, author Leta Greene uses her experiences to help other survivors. As said by Leta, “This book is meant to give the broken in our hearts a voice.”

Leta describes the three phases of recovery that she experienced: the Victim, the Survivor, and The Advocate. Using these three phases, she offers a clear path to a chance at healing and recovery for anyone who has experienced the devastating effects of abuse.

Although more light than ever is being shone on the abuses taking place in our culture today, healing is not an easy process for survivors. If you or someone you know has suffered from abuse, this book is a great tool to not only understand impossible circumstances but also to find the light at the end of the tunnel.