Raised in the Kitchen: Making Memories from Scratch One Recipe at a Time

by Carrian Cheney

Book Description

From the time her children were toddlers, family cooking blogger Carrian Cheney has placed them up on the counter with her while cooking, just as her mother did with her. She recognized that cooking together was the secret not only to raising children well prepared for adulthood but also to mixing ingredients beyond just the dough for cookies–love, unity, and combined hearts. Through her years being raised in the kitchen, Carrian developed far more than timeless recipes. She discovered that family and memories are made one recipe at a time. 

From food prep to clean-up, this unique cookbook guides the way through every step, including meal lists and easy-to-follow recipes. It also features dollops of heartwarming family stories, insights, and kid-friendly food activities to keep everyone from the tired and overwhelmed mom to the littlest of picky eaters focused on deliciousness in the kitchen.

The book includes 75 recipes that begin with basics such as fried eggs, baked potatoes, and simple fail-proof dinners. As new cooking skills are learned, the recipes progress to guaranteed kid favorites like french toast, steak fajitas, and even a killer chocolate cake. Recipes are joined with tips to help home cooks master the dance of the kitchen, from the basics of when to salt and why it’s the most important condiment you can own, to how to properly hold a knife and cut anything with ease and confidence, and even how to coax a picky eater with a few tried-and-true secret tips from a recovering picky eater herself. 

Raised in the Kitchen is a cookbook for parents and kids about much more than learning to love to cook. It’s about bringing families together and then one day sending those little hands off to their own kitchens, where they will teach their own children the recipes, laughter, and love that shaped their lives.

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Review by Melissa Dalton Martinez

If you have fond memories of cooking with your family as a kid, or if you want to start a baking tradition of your own, this book is for you. Raised in the Kitchen, by Carrian Cheney is the perfect cookbook for bringing your family together this spring. The author not only offers delicious easy-to-follow recipes but also includes sweet family stories and cooking insights.

One of the things that makes this cookbook unique is the way it’s designed to bring families together. There are so many kid-friendly activities to get the entire family involved in the cooking process. Recipes range from a basic fried egg to fajita dinners to desserts. (I mean, who wouldn’t want to learn how to make chocolate-dipped waffle cone yogurt cups?)

With many simple recipes, this book is perfect for anyone teaching their little ones to cook. And if you are just getting started on your cooking journey, this book has many scrumptious and easy recipes to get you going. No matter where you are in your cooking journey, you’ll find something you love on these pages.