Starbound Soul (Goblin Star Book 4)

by Gama Ray Martinez

Book Description

The final attack on the goblin homeworld is at hand.

The most powerful ships in the galaxy gather to attack.

But no one expected the goblins to be prepared.

Everything is ready. Elves, dwarves, and humans lay the foundations for their attack. The great dragon Rania has delivered a fleet of starfighters to aid in their battle. Nothing can stop them.

But the goblins reveal a strength greater than anyone suspected. Now, what should have been a carefully planned invasion, becomes a desperate strike to end the war before it’s too late. And once again, the keys to victory may rest in the hands of Radek and his friends.

However, Radek has lost more than most because of the Goblin War, and it has taken its toll. Everyone, including Radek himself, is worried he doesn’t have what it will take.

The cost for victory will be high. Is there anything he won’t have to sacrifice to end this war once and for all?

Find out what happens when Radek and his allies finally assault the Goblin Star.