The Weight of Salt: A Gripping Story of Love and Courage

by Sandra Montanino

Book Description


“A poignant family saga that portrays the social, political, and economic struggles of its time…An engaging coming-of-age story set in an eventful era.” — Kirkus Reviews

In the world of 1906, Ybor City, Florida, there is an illusion about life and how it works, and then there’s the truth and fifteen-year-old Angelina Pirrello begins a treacherous course to learn the difference

Bright, ambitious, and determined to carve out her own destiny, Angelina discovers that women have no right to vote, the Mafia has her Italian community in a stranglehold of fear, and when she finds love, her strict, Sicilian father arranges her marriage to a man she dislikes.

As life continues to unravel, Angelina makes a daring move to take destiny into her own hands, but it comes with devastating consequences and far more shattering than she realizes.


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Review by Melissa Dalton Martinez

Coming of age in the world of 1906 Florida, Angelina Pirrello embarks on a treacherous journey that brings her face to face with the contrast between her illusion of how life works and the reality she sees before her. She discovers that the Mafia is strangling her Italian community with fear, that women have no right to vote, and that fathers arrange the marriages of their daughters.

An incredibly bright and ambitious woman, Angelina is determined to achieve independence while navigating all the expectations of her authoritarian culture. When she falls in love with someone against her strict Sicilian father’s wishes, he arranges her marriage to a man she intensely dislikes.

As her life continues to fall apart in this agonizing family saga, Angelina makes a daring move to take her future into her own hands despite the social, political, and economic obstacles she faces. But her decision comes with shattering consequences that are far more ruinous than she realizes—and she is forced to ask herself some daunting questions and make some tough choices.