The Story of Doctor Dolittle, Revised, Newly Illustrated Edition

by Hugh Lofting and Melissa Dalton Martinez

Book Description


The origins of the remarkable Doctor Dolittle are revealed in this delightful, updated book!

With 33 all-new illustrations of the quirky Doctor and his animal pals…

…this classic story with an updated magical twist, is sure to be a family favorite!

When Doctor John Dolittle’s love of animals scares away his human patients, he finds himself on the verge of bankruptcy. Luckily, his parrot, Polynesia, has a solution—she teaches him to talk to animals.

Using his new skill, Doctor Dolittle becomes a veterinarian, and his reputation soon spreads in the animal kingdom. With it, come requests for help from animals all over the world.

Sailing off with his band of animal companions, Doctor Dolittle seeks to help all he can while facing fierce storms, vicious pirates, angry kings, and more.

Take time with your family today and join Doctor Dolittle for the adventure of a lifetime!