Living the Law of Hard Easy Workbook:

A Get-Real Workbook for Getting the Life You Want

by Arthur F. Coombs III

Book Description


Everyone says they’ll start tomorrow . . .

. . . but why not turn tomorrow into today?

In this dynamic self-help book, Art Coombs teaches you how to have a better life by living the law of Hard Easy. From remarkable stories to real-life examples, he demonstrates why it’s better to put in the effort now and reap the rewards later.

In this book, you’ll learn:

• How to turn away from instant gratification
• How to find a purpose, a plan, and a vision
• How to set big-picture goals

Weaving his own experiences with the neuroscience behind every day decision making, Coombs offers tools to help you evaluate all your choices—old and new. You’ll find yourself sucked into his humor and heartfelt stories, only to reflect on his teaching long after.

Challenge yourself now and see the culmination of your choices through the lens of Hard Easy.


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Review by Melissa Dalton Martinez
Self-help books are great at providing wonderful insight to help us live the lives we want to live. The main problem with most self-help books is it’s hard to remember all of the steps and skills you want to implement by the time you finish reading.

In addition to writing wonderful self-actualization and self-improvement advice in Hard Easy: A Get-Real Guide to Getting the Life You Want, Arthur F. Coombs III has also created an accompanying workbook. Living the Law of Hard Easy Workbook: A Get-Real Workbook for Getting the Life You Want gives determined readers the perfect opportunity to learn by doing. Instead of just reading about self-improving ideas, Coombs helps us to put each piece of advice into practice—not weeks or months after the fact, but right now. I think the workbook is an excellent way to really light a fire under you as you work toward your new year’s resolutions or lifelong dreams.

Hard Easy is about achieving goals and overcoming mindset obstacles, and, in addition to the workbook, the text is easy to digest and relate to your here and now. Many of us have read or heard some speech about “finding your why” as the source of motivation, but these don’t often come in as modern or understandable contexts as what Coombs provides in his book. Plus, in the workbook, each reader gets to apply the wisdom to their own lives instead of just hearing about someone else’s experiences. Some of my favorite chapters were “The Top Excuses of All Time” or “The Five Friends You Need and the Five Friends You Need to Avoid.” If you’re wondering which excuses you’ve used or which of the “avoid” friends you might still be hanging onto, you could use this workbook.