Balancing Family Screen Time: Tips and tricks to instill a healthy relationship with devices

by Elizabeth Ernst Densley, BSN

Book Description


Technology addiction is sneaky and affects most of us without us even realizing it.

Have you ever scrolled mindlessly on your phone, computer, or tablet and suddenly realize hours have passed you by? For our young generations, this device-driven lifestyle is all they know.

While technology undeniably has great benefits, it has its flaws. Namely, its negative impact on our children’s development, self-esteem, and the risk of them being exposed to dangerous or inappropriate content.

The good news is that we can rewire our and our children’s brains to limit screen time and better our lives.

With “Balancing Family Screen Time: Tips and tricks to instill a healthy relationship with devices” by Elizabeth Ernst Densley, BSN, you can learn how to:

● Take control over your and your family’s technology addiction
● Grow closer to your family and truly get to know yourself and your children
● Establish healthy limitations with technology in your home
● Create a family vision statement and have regular family meetings
● Protect your kids against cyberbullying

It’s not easy to break these patterns that have been instilled in us for years and years, or, in our children’s case, their entire lives. But you have the power to change your habits and set boundaries within your home. Start putting in the work today to create a balanced, healthy relationship with technology for you and your family.