Balancing Family Screen Time: WORKBOOK EDITION – Tips and tricks to instill a healthy relationship with devices

by Elizabeth Ernst Densley, BSN

Book Description


Is your and your family’s technology addiction out of control?

Take the time to rewire your and your children’s brains to limit screen time and better your lives with the Balancing Family Screen Time Workbook.

This is the companion workbook to the main book, “Balancing Family Screen Time: Tips and tricks to instill a healthy relationship with devices” by Elizabeth Ernst Densley, BSN. In this workbook, you will complete writing exercises to:

● Identify your and your family’s personality styles
● Learn your and your family’s triggers and how to respond to them
● Become self-aware and build action steps to reverse your technology addition
● Establish consequences and rewards for your and your family’s screen time
● Track your consistency and progress
● Learn how to run an effective family meeting
● Teach your children how to protect themselves against cyberbullying

It’s not easy to break these patterns that have been instilled in us for years and years, or, in our children’s case, their entire lives. But you have the power to change your habits and set boundaries within your home. Start putting in the work today to create a balanced, healthy relationship with technology for you and your family.