God of Neverland: A Defenders of Lore Novel (Defender of Lore Book 1)

by Gama Ray Martinez

Book Description


In this magical reimagination of Peter Pan, Michael Darling, the youngest of the original siblings who flew to Neverland, has grown up and left his old life behind.

But when Peter Pan disappears, not only Neverland, but the imagination of every child, is in danger of being lost. Now, Michael must return to the fantasy land of his boyhood to save both worlds. Determined to stop evil, fight for Neverland, and find Peter Pan, will Michael be able to save the magical and physical world? Or will his biggest fear come true?


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Review by Shannon Marsh
Gama Ray Martinez’s God of Neverland is the return to fantasy that we all long for, but it’s not at all whimsy. This story takes us through adventure and battle, imagination and hope, and makes us wonder, what place does magic have in our lives after we’re grown? The story follows Michael Darling, who we learn did not go back to the mundane after his adventures in Neverland. Instead, he began a search for the world’s hidden wonders.

Michael’s wit and rapport with fellow Knight of the Round, Vanessa, make him an endearing character to follow. Struggles that we all experience as we leave childhood—responsibility to ourselves, our communities, and our families—war within him, and Michael strives to understand where he belongs. As someone not of Neverland but too altered by its magic to return to mundane life, what is his purpose?

Longtime fans of Martinez will love the puzzles and mysteries that fill God of Neverland’s pages, though they come with a Neverland twist. Martinez manages to combine logic with the absurd to create riddles that only someone with the heart of a child could discern. In his own way, he has fleshed out a world that we all know and reintroduced it to us as something new, wonderful, and more dangerous than we dare to remember.

God of Neverland is an adventure. It’s a reminder that while you can’t stop yourself from growing up, you never have to grow out of imagination. Gama Ray Martinez masterfully demonstrates that magic is for everyone, so long as they are brave enough to wield it.