“Faded Luck” from the “Twisted Luck” Series

by Mel Todd

Book Description


For Cori Munroe, carrying a surrogate baby shouldn’t be any big deal. She’s got magic on her side, right?


Pregnancy is fritzing her magic, while she has to deal with a variety of work issues, up to and very much including a huge medal ceremony involving the United States and China for saving D.C. and China’s reputation. Then the Council of Lords wants her to represent Earth’s mages. All while trying to deal with magical issues without her usual power levels.

Bombs, terrorist attacks, and work pressures are hard for anyone to deal with, let alone a pregnant woman. But when her family’s safety is threatened, Cori’s going to find a way to protect them…or die trying. With her twisted luck, anything can happen.


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Review by Melissa Dalton Martinez

Mel Todd has done it again! I have absolutely LOVED this Twisted Luck series! This is my first fantasy “slice of life” series, and it has opened my eyes to how much I love this genre. I sincerely feel like Mel Todd is one of the most talented fantasy writers around and she showcases this well in this series!

Faded Luck takes us through Cori Monroe’s experience in being a surrogate mother, but also in being a mother, period. I also have to say, Todd has done an AMAZING job of showing us a loving family and friends relationship with Cori and her crew. Well done!

In addition to the “slice of life” stuff, I loved the urban fantasy in this story and just the fun fantasy aspects in general. I would feel comfortable letting my teen read this series, and I personally love it, too.

I also really appreciated how Mel Todd portrayed a healthy, loving LBGTQ+ relationship in this book. While I don’t personally belong to that community, I have many friends that do, and this book did a great job showing the love and support that all human beings can have for each other when they’re in a healthy relationship.

I hope another book will follow in this series. There was not a huge cliffhanger at the end, but Mel Todd did such a wonderful job building a fantastic world, that I just hope this is not the end of books in this world. I would highly recommend this book to urban fantasy readers, from teens and up!