The Sight: Spirit Walker Series Book One

by Kailey Urbaniak

Book Description


In the cursed town of Catori Springs, the dead can never rest.

Weird things are happening to Marceline Lees.

Between the voices in her head warning her about the upcoming Homecoming dance, searing headaches, and strange visions of ghosts, Marceline wonders if she’s going insane.

On her seventeenth birthday, Marceline’s life changes forever as she awakens a power she never knew she had; a power known as the Sight. Now a fully Realized Spirit Walker, Marceline can suddenly see and communicate with the ghosts that were invisible before, and all of them want Marceline’s help.

Marceline finds an unlikely ally in a passing-through tarot card reader, a witch herself, who has been a self-proclaimed “Ghost Hunter” for years.

The only problem? A century-old curse on the town has trapped all spirits within the Catori Springs boundaries, and some ghosts are willing to do anything, even terrible things, to be set free.

Navigating high school is hard enough dealing with the living. Add in a vengeful teenage ghost, and you’ve got a recipe for trouble.

As her world comes tumbling down, and the evil ghost trapped in her high school threatens Marceline’s best friends, Marceline must learn how to dispel the spirits in Catori Springs—and quickly. Can Marceline break the town’s curse and set the trapped spirits free as lives hang in the balance?

Find out, and get your copy now.


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Review by Melissa Dalton Martinez

Just in time for spooky season—and high school Homecoming dances—comes a spell-binding new YA paranormal fantasy series from debut author, Kailey Urbaniak.

The Sight transports readers to Catori Springs, a small charming mountain town that proudly attracts tourists for its ghost stories. Most of the locals, including Marceline Lees, place little stock in their town’s urban legends. As she approaches her seventeenth birthday, Marceline would much rather focus on getting through the school day, working at her dad’s grocery store, and securing a date with the high school quarterback.

However, when superstitious stories turn into supernatural events surrounding Marceline and her school, even Marceline’s simplest plans grow much more complicated. She can handle a few confusing visions and headaches, but her birthday activates “the Sight,” a dormant Spirit Walker power that allows her to see and interact with the world of the dead—including a parade of ghosts who now want her help. After an encounter with a baleful high school spirit, Marceline doesn’t know if she’ll be able to survive the next month, let alone save her friends or have a chance to build a relationship.

The Sight is a perfect Halloween romp for readers who like their Nancy-Drew heroines with a touch of a Buffy The Vampire Slayer chosen one or My Luck‘s unfortunately-enchanted Cori. Readers can also delight in some high school drama and a sweet romance, entertwined with high-stakes, urban-fantasy action that leads to some perilous choices. The author weaves an interesting and dark new spin on magic and witches with her excellent worldbuilding. I also particularly appreciated the friendships between Marceline and Katy, as well as the mentorship with the tarot-reading ghost hunter Amina, each of which made me want to root for the main character and the community she’s fighting to save.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Sight, and the good news is readers can also look forward to continuing with future books in the bewitching Spirit Walker Series from Kailey Urbaniak.