Book Holiday Gift Ideas 2022

As the weather gets colder, many families are turning to warm thoughts of gathering and gift-giving for the upcoming holiday season. Whether you’re buying for children or adults, you can make a book one of the most memorable gifts they receive this year by pairing it with an added personal touch.

We have several great books to recommend, along with the toys, keepsakes, and more that they inspire. Each of these titles could be a wonderful thing to receive and read anytime, but when accompanied by a special interactive ingredient, these pairs are practically perfect presents.


“God of Neverland” by Gama Ray Martinez

A new adventure set in the reimagined landscape of a childhood classic, God of Neverland follows a grown-up Michael Darling, as he follows the trail of the missing Peter Pan. Like many great portal fantasy novels, this tale can spur the imagination of young readers as well as awaken nostalgia in adults.

To accompany this flight of fancy, how about getting something that will inspire a sense of wonder while you read and long after? A fairy lantern can provide mood lighting or act as a nightlight for your little lost boy or girl, or a metal fantasy bookmark with a glowing pendant can serve a novel placeholder between chapters.

The hardcover is currently on sale, so there’s never been a better time to get a copy of God of Neverland.

“The Story of Doctor Dolittle Children’s Picture Book Edition” retold by Melissa Dalton Martinez, adapted from Hugh Lofting

Do you know a future veterinarian or zookeeper? How about giving them the newly-updated and re-illustrated children’s book about the famous doctor who could speak with animals? The Story of Doctor Dolittle, originally by Hugh Lofting, is now available as a children’s picture book to delight a new generation of animal lovers.

You may have been thinking of a stuffed animal or other kind of animal toy anyway, but think of how fun it would be for a child to not only get their favorite animal for Christmas but see it in a book they can read. If they would be especially thrilled to unwrap a dog, parrot, monkey, or pig, we (and the book) have got you covered.

“Holiday Hijinks” Anthology Trio

Whimsical Winter Wonderland

Whimsical, magical, and properly tagged with the disclaimer “havoc ensues,” for several stories of holiday hilarity.

Crazy Christmas Capers

Holiday-themed escapades and shenanigans gone wrong that are best enjoyed from the comfort of your living room, rather than out in the snow.

Happy Holiday Historicals

Ten sweet servings of folklore from yesteryears around the world—enjoy these experiences of Christmases past.

If your family enjoys telling stories—possibly near a roaring fire with steaming mugs in-hand—we have not one but three family-friendly collections of short stories to read to yourself or out loud for everyone to enjoy.

What better accompaniment to a planned read-in than slippers, mugs, and hot cocoa—which can be found in many stockings already but made more memorable with a good book.

“The Christmas Movie Cookbook”

It’s always wonderful when families find the time to cook together. Now, they’ll be excited to do it because the recipes come from their favorite screen-gems. The Christmas Movie Cookbook provides dozens of accessible recipes from classic Christmas films, including A Christmas Story, Christmas Carol, The Polar Express, and many more. The recipes in this book are not only for Christmas; many can be used in year-round entertaining, including Thanksgiving dinners, birthdays, and fancy cocktail parties.

You could pick out a fun recipe before you wrap up the book, and then gather the non-perishable ingredients to slip in the stocking so everything is ready to go! (You might even start with the “Really Rich Hot Chocolate” from The Polar Express for family reading time.) Or, if your family is like mine there’s always a cooking or baking supply you’ve been meaning to get or replace. For us, it’s usually another set of measuring spoons or a new variety of cookie cutters.

“Animal Magica” Coloring Book by Tanya Hales

Animal Magica is a coloring book that places animals in fantasy adventure settings. Imagined and illustrated by Tanya Hales, this coloring book is a great interactive stocking stuffer for kids—and, let’s be honest, adults too. If you enjoy the first set of pictures, you won’t have long to wait for the release of the second volume , which includes short story snippets to further draw young illustrators into the adventure.

Depending on the age and experience of the recipient, the accompanying present can go anywhere from crayons, to colored pencils, to very advanced art supplies—and we’ll leave that choice up to you.

You might double-up, mix-and-match, or follow your own inspiration for an accompanying gift idea. In any case, the right book with an extra something special can make this a truly memorable holiday for you and your family.