AnnaGrey and the Constellation

The Laéth Realm Adventures, by Lindsay Flanagan

AnnaGrey and the Constellation

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Review by Melissa Dalton Martinez:
I loved Lindsay Flanagan’s debut about a girl with night-vision searching for answers about her special ability in another world.

AnnaGrey is a lovable character that I think many girls can relate with. She feels like she doesn’t fit in because she’s different, and that’s something anyone can relate to, especially young women still getting used to their skin. And in AnnaGrey’s case, it’s her unique glowing eyes that separate her from everyone else.

As the story goes on, while trying to help a new friend, she finds herself in a magical world surrounded by new creatures she thought were only myths. But she feels more comfortable with them than she ever did in the regular human world. She must face different trials, learning important lessons about herself and those around her along the way. She proves she is stronger and braver than she thought, and that she can trust in herself and those around her to overcome any obstacle.

Filled with wonder, mystery, and adventure, this is a book any reader will love. School- age kids, older teens, and even adults!