New Changes to Amazon Ads Prove Why You Need a Book Trailer

Recent changes to Amazon Ads have made it possible for any publisher or author in Amazon KDP to use the power of videos in their Sponsored Brand Ads. This means having a quality book trailer for your story is more vital than ever.

A book trailer has always been a key tool in a publisher or author’s arsenal. Whether it’s highlighting the key appeal of a fiction novel or a self-help book, a video packs a powerful punch. Amazon incorporating these changes and making them available to authors shows how effective advertising with video can be for your products, especially books.

An engaging book trailer, especially one you want to incorporate into your ads like those offered through Facebook and now Amazon, should be 15-30 seconds. It should have short, punchy copy to draw the viewer’s interest, prominently feature the book cover, as well as dynamic music and visuals (with the appropriate licenses that permit you to use them).

Here is a good example of what that might look like:

Creating these well requires special skills and software for video editing, as well as the knowledge and resources to find the best assets for your story. You can put the hours and practice into learning how to do all this yourself, or you can work with a service like The Book Break who can handle the hard work for you!

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