10 Books for a Great Father’s Day Gift

Do you know a father who loves to read? Then, this article is for you! We have curated a list of stellar Father’s Day gift recommendations for lovers of fiction and nonfiction books alike.

For the fiction lover dad who wants to escape into a great story:

    • Historical Fiction: “An Ocean of Courage and Fear,” by Jerry Borrowman

      Inspired by survivor accounts, this gripping novel opens days after the attack on Pearl Harbor and follows the crew and families of the USS Salt Lake City during their three years of sea battles that span between Hawaii and the shores of Okinawa, where their heavy cruiser becomes one of the most decorated ships in the Pacific War.

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    • Fantasy, Folklore: Defenders of Lore series, “God of Neverland,” by Gama Ray Martinez

      Dive into magical re-imaginings of classic tales in the Defenders of Lore series, beginning when Michael Darling—the youngest of the Darling siblings and former Lost Boy, now all grown up—must return to the life he left behind to save Neverland from the brink of collapse and keep humanity safe from magical and mythological threats, as well as answer the ultimate question: Where is Peter Pan?

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    • Epic fantasy: The God’s Game series, “Prisoner of Mauvias,” by Tiffany Brazell

      In a cursed world with scheming gods, an evil empress, and deep secrets, one girl can change it all if only she can find who she is in this epic series. Learn why everything about Salmaara marks her as different in her small town, including a secret ability to connect to people’s souls. And when she’s taken captive by a mouthless monster she thought was just a fantasy, she must decide whether to use her power to help an evil empress, or risk her very soul to discover her destiny.

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    • Military Science Fiction: Blood and Armor series, “Never Again,” by Bill Fawcett & Casey Moores

      The Blood and Armor series takes you to the near future where, for the first time in history, the Kurdish Republic has their own nation and a chance to grow as a unified people. But they are surrounded by hostile dictatorships intent on their destruction. Their only hope for survival lies in experimental, powered combat suits, but will it be enough? Join this new country’s thrilling fight to keep their independence!

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    • Genetic Engineering Science Fiction: “Iconoclast,” by Jerome MacEvoy

      In the broken remains of civilization, the world’s last hope is a genetically engineered human-alien hybrid called Andraste. Some call her a monster, others say she’s the future, and she just wants to do some good. But her greatest challenge, besides deciding whether a society full of violent zealots is worth saving, could be facing her own inner demons. Perfect for someone who wants a story as deep as it is exciting.

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    • Speculative Fiction Anthology: “Divergent Realms,” edited by Riley Odell

      “Divergent Realms” is an important anthology that showcases the wide spectrum of neurodiversity through the open worlds of science fiction and fantasy. From a father struggling to understand his autistic daughter’s connection with a virtual simulator, to an android with anxious, obsessive ruminations who must confront her worst fear to stop a sentient AI. Written and edited by the neurodiverse themselves, these stories express a new side of ADHD, Autism, OCD, and more. Let this collection of new and original short stories show you the fantastic and futuristic through a new lens.

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    • For the dad who loves learning new things and improving himself with some meaty nonfiction:

    • Nonfiction Spiritual: “What the Single Eye Sees,” by Joseph Q. Jarvis

      A great book for anyone on their own spiritual journey. In “What the Single Eye Sees”, readers learn how to deepen their joy by drawing nearer to God through faith, hope, and charity. Author Joseph Q. Jarvis illustrates how developing Christlike traits, with an eye single to God’s glory, elevates us and brings us to really know our Lord, who truly understands the mortal condition and how to lift us above it.

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    • Nonfiction: Communication & Transformation: “The Ruby Rule,” by Arthur F. Coombs

      Have you ever been hesitant to say what you think because of differing viewpoints? If you know someone who wants to share opinions about politics, religion, social issues, or any difficult topic, without a discussion turning into a heated argument, they would enjoy reading the Ruby Rule—a new approach to these tough conversations. Best-selling author Arthur F. Coombs III (AKA Art Coombs) shares the secrets of shifting your mindset from one focused on self to one focused on others, shows how to effectively express your views and hold discussions without being controlled by your emotions, and demonstrates how to gain a deep appreciation for those who may challenge those views.

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    • Nonfiction: Prisoners of War & Biographies of WWII: “MISSING,” by Kenneth D. Evans

      “MISSING” is an incredible, real-life story of courage, survival, love, and an American hero overcoming insurmountable odds. Don Evans was an all-American boy who joined the United States Army Air Force in Work War II to fight for his country, but he never expected to end up in a Nazi POW camp. Using excerpts from his parent’s personal letters, journals, and actual images from their experiences, author Kenneth D. Evan creates a heartfelt narrative founded on historical accuracy.

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    • Nonfiction: Motivational, Personal & Professional Development: “Hard Easy,” by Arthur F. Coombs

      For anyone who wants the tools to have a better life now instead of putting it off. Another great work by Art Coombs, “Hard Easy: A Get-Real Guide for Getting the Life You Want” teaches you how to have a better life using his unique blend of humor, heartfelt stories, and the neuroscience behind everyday decision making to demonstrate the hows and whys of putting in effort now and reaping the rewards later.

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