To answer any of your book industry questions, schedule a one-on-one consultation with a “The Book Break” team member to discuss a topic of your choosing. Topics can be anything in relation to book publishing, marketing, distribution, design, branding, etc.

Author Services

Here at The Book Break, we LOVE books. We also understand the amount of effort it takes to get a story into the world. In order to support authors and their hard-working teams, we offer multiple marketing services for both authors and publishers. Our team has everything you need to help a book succeed!

For pricing or more information email us at [email protected].

Just a sample of the services we offer include:

  • Marketing and media consulting and training
  • Online book marketing audit
  • Complete author and book branding with website, social media, posts, icons, and more
  • Setting up newsletters
  • Setting up sample chapters or audio samples from your book
  • Book cover consulting
  • Creating or consulting on your back-cover copy and online descriptions for your book
  • Determining an effective overall marketing campaign for your book
  • Designing and executing an effective online only advertising campaign for your book
  • Determining book distribution strategies
  • Amazon optimization to get your book in front of as many readers as possible
  • Developing Amazon ads for your book
  • Training you on how to create and maintain Amazon ads for your book
  • Getting your book to “Best-Seller” and/or “#1 New Release” status on Amazon
  • Planning a successful new book launch
  • Helping you get professional and/or customer book reviews
  • Crafting a story or pitch for the media
  • Pitching the media for you to get a story or interview
  • Creating book trailers
  • Providing media training so you can do your best in your media interviews
  • Giving you guidance on how to use media exposure to leverage book sales
  • Designing online, print, or television ads for your book
  • And more

Along with this, we offer sponsorships for segments or full episodes of The Book Break Show. If you are interested, contact us for more information.

If you have other questions or needs that are not mentioned here, please feel free to ask! If we can’t help you, we can tell you who can!

For pricing or more information email us at [email protected].