Shadowguard (Pharim War)

by Gama Ray Martinez


Why We Fought

by Jerry Borrowman


Missing Okalee

by Laura Ojeda Melchor

The Purple World

By Dr. Joseph Q. Jarvis

The Wish and the Peacock

By Wendy S. Swore

Potion Masters bk1

Crisis Preparedness Handbook

Patricia Spigarelli Aston

Dont Just Manage--Lead! cover

Don’t Just Manage, Lead!

By Arthur F Coombs III


Lakeshire Park

By Megan Walker

Potion Masters bk1

Potion Masters

By Frank L. Cole

Nova Dragon

By Gama Ray Martinez

Bean Finds A Pet

By Alison Palmer

Tragic Magic

By Thal Dixon

Condemn Me Not

By Heather B. Moore

Normal For Me

By Tamara K. Anderson

One More Chance

By Robert Meek and Allan Webb

Between Monsters & Mercy

By Kelly Thompson

A Minute to Midnight

By David Baldacci

The Warning

By James Patterson & Robison Wells

Human Connection

Arthur F. Coombs III
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