Starbound Soul (Goblin Star Book 4)

Starbound Soul (Goblin Star Book 4) by Gama Ray MartinezBook Description The final attack on the goblin homeworld is at hand. The most powerful ships in the galaxy gather to attack. But no one expected the goblins to be prepared. Everything is ready. Elves, dwarves,...

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Real by Carol Cujec & Peyton Goddard

Real by Carol Cujec & Peyton GoddardBook Description Inspired by a true story, Real speaks to all those who've ever felt they didn't belong and reminds readers that all people are worthy of being included.My name is Charity. I am thirteen years old. Actually, thirteen...

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Georgana’s Secret

Georgana’s Secret By Arlem HawksGeorgana’s Secret By Arlem HawksBook Description Georgana Woodall dreams of freedom—freedom from her past and freedom from her secret. She has been living on her father’s ship for years, disguised as a cabin boy named “George.” But...

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